Lawyer Office (Hong Kong)

Lawyer Office Design (Hong Kong)  

Destination Year of the Rabbit

Destination would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year of the Rabbit.    

Destination New Year

Destination would Like to Wish Everyone a Happy New Year.  

Destination Christmas

Destination would like to Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.  

Destination Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween

Destination Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween  

Destination Mid Autumn Festival

Destination Wishes Everyone a Happy and Festival Mid-Autumn Festival.  

Destination Indi Home

The Destination Design Team created & designed a simplistic and flowing Studio Apartment space at Indi Home in Hong Kong.  An Open Studio Living apartment was created for the client utilizing basic design elements and minimal material & finishes which help create an enlarged interior space.            

Destination Easter

Destination would like to Wish Everyone a Happy & Joyous Easter.    

Destination Limited – Northwest Investment (Hong Kong Offices)

The Destination design team were given a loose brief from the client to get creative and to assist the client in providing them with a new approach to their daily working habits and to change their previous work habits/style.  The designers opened up the office space completely where the reception, client area, office, equipment areas, library and open pantry/kitchen is just one integral space with the exception of a few adjoining transparent meeting rooms and server room.  A semi-loft feel was created with the removal of the false ceiling exposing the raw under beams and concrete slab above.  A general monotone colour scheme was used throughout with the exception of a few high contrasting colour accents which were used to provide a visual spark in some areas of the design as highlights.  

Destination “Year of the Tiger”

Destination Wishes Everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Lunar New Year in the “Year of the Tiger”.