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Destination Easter Greeting

Destination Easter Greeting 2020

Destination Limited – Interior Design (British International School Office)

The Destination design team worked closely with the client to plan and design a new office space for a new International School entering into Hong Kong market.  The brief was fairly straight forward in that the client wanted to maximize the headcount but not sacrificing comfort in a modern setting that was light & airy and with less pretentiousness.  The Destination designers implemented a green theme which is reflected throughout the office space from the reception area to the back office areas.  The 3 dimensional computer animation rendering also provided the client with the necessary medium to make their final decision on the design team’s design concept.

Destination Limited – 20 Years in 2020

Destination turns 20 in 2020.

Destination Limited – Interior Design (iHome – Residential Sales Office & Show Flat)

Destination Limited were appointed as the Lead Designer to Create, Design and Project Manage a Sales Office and Show Flat for a New Residential Development for a leading Hong Kong Developer – Chinese Estates Holding Limited.  The development, a standalone residential building in the inner Kowloon area was being targeted to young & upcoming professionals, thus an energetic and younger theme was created to assist with the marketing of the developer’s strategy.  The Destination Design Team utilized Modern Forms and Vibrant Colours to enhance the appeal to the targeted younger audience.

Destination Limited – Design Presentation (DLA Piper Hong Kong)

Destination Limited – Design Presentation for a global law firm DLA Piper Hong Kong office.  The company wanted an office re-fresh and re-organisation for some of their space structures and looked to the Destination team for fresh ideas.  Maximization of Space was high priority, thus much effort was made at the spacial planning phase of the design process and developments.  The resultant design was a well organized and structured layout with fresh design elements introduced for the occupants and the company’s guest alike.

Destination Limited – Design Presentation (TWGH’s Smoking Cessation Centre)

Destination Limited – Design Presentation for TWGH’s Integrated Centre on Smoking Cessation in Tsuen Wan.  This centre aimed to provide the location population with a comprehensive and community-based smoking cessation services in the Tsuen Wan Area.   The Designers at Destination place ‘Green’ and ‘Nature’ to the Forefront of their Design Concept which also helped convey and encourage current smokers to turn over a new leaf and to enjoy the fresh air of Nature.

Destination Limited – Interior Design (Beijing Lavie, Beijing, China)

Destination Limited were engaged as the Interior Designer to Fully Develop and Design the Interiors of a Large Luxury Fully Detached House for a Renown Hong Kong Property Developer at a Prestigious Luxury Country Style Resort Complex Development at Beijing Lavie in Beijing’s inner Ring Road.  The Design was to be first and foremost functional, comfortable and stylish as the owner and occupant has very high expectations and wanted all their accustomed luxury and creature comforts in their New Holiday Home when they visit the Chinese Capital.  The design also had to be capable and presentable to entertain their immediate family and friends when they dropped into the Capital.  A Luxurious Theme with Quality Detailing and a Delectable Selection in Architectural Lighting, Furniture and Furnishing was adopted and carried throughout the design development of the project.

Destination Limited – Showflat & Residential Interior Design Projects

Destination Limited – Showflat & Residential Interior Design Projects (Company Brochure)

Destination Limited – 20 Years in 2020

Destination turns 20 in 2020.

Destination Limited – Year of the Rat

Destination Limited – Destination Wishes Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in “The Year of the Rat” in 2020.

Destination Limited – Destination “Year of the Rat”

Destination Limited would like to Wish Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in 2020 “Year of the Rat.

Destination Limited – Destination 20 Years in 2020

Destination Limited Turns 20 in Year 2020

Destination Limited – Destination New Year 2020 (Winter Village)

Destination Limited would like to Wish Everyone “Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year in 2020.

Destination – Destination Santa Village

The Destination Limited Office would like to introduce to you the Destination Christmas Village and Santa’s House.  We would also like to Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Destination – Interior Design Project (Tsimshatsui Centre)

Destination Limited were the appointed designers to provide a comprehensive design concept and interior design solution for their client’s shopping mall toilets at Tsimshatsui Centre.  The design brief included all the male & female toilets, disable toilets and baby care room at the multi-level mall complex.  Various stages of the interior design project are captioned and highlighted in this presentation.

Destination Limited – Interior Design (I/O Building )

Destination Limited provided a comprehensive design concept through the creation of a 3 Dimensional Computer Animation Walk Through model for the developer’s redevelopment and revitalization of Possehl Building situated in a core Industrial Area of Tsuen Wan.  Destination’s task was to re-invent and offer innovation through creativity.  With a new and refreshed modern building façade consisting of Metallic Wall Cladding, Stone Chips, Texture Paint, Glazed Ceramic Tile and Glass Curtain Walls, Destination aims to capitalize and create a design where it’s interiors would be in perfect harmony with the building new sleek and modern outer skin.   A modern, sleek, cool and mono-tone design interiors will complement the newly revitalized external façade and provide a neutral interior space that will offer timelessness, ease of maintenance with abundance of natural lighting ; complemented by unobtrusive artificial architectural lighting.  The design will also provide a hint of class or style through tasteful artworks, multi-media advertising and planting/landscapes.  

Destination – Doro Doro Store at O’Plaza OCT Harbour, Shenzhen

Destination Limited have been appointed to develop a series of new concept stores for a developing high fashion brand at various Premium Grade Shopping Malls in the Shenzhen and Greater Bay Region.  This Store Front is one of the New Concepts developed and built by the Destination Team at O’Plaza OCT Harbour in Shenzhen at a delectable location at the shopping high street mall in the heart of OCT Harbour.

Destination Mid-Autumn Festival

The Destination Limited Office would like to Wish Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Virtual Reality 360° – DoroDoro Office, China

Destination Limited produced a 360° virtual reality computer model for the client in order for them to fully study the design before implementing it into reality.  The 360° model was also used to re-confirm and refine the design detailing with the client before construction began, thus avoiding abortive works and or changes in the construction stage of the project.

Destination – Interior Design (Miami Crescent House 92)

Destination Limited were the appointed designers to provide a comprehensive design concept and interior design for a Show Flat for a multi-level detached house with multi-level balconies / rooftop areas for a prestigious residential development in the New Territories in Hong Kong.   Destination provided full interior design services including accessorizing all areas of the Show Flat including all the decoration displays and artworks in order to deliver a more comprehensive design theme and styling of the Show Flat to appeal to potential property buyers.